Local Vibe Guide

What is a VIBE?

A VIBE is combo of related things to do, eat, drink, and see. Curated by locals in the know, a VIBE is the easiest way to find the right plan for the moment. Perfect for planning a first date, entertaining a friend, exploring a neighborhood, or even surviving quarantine. With little effort you can discover and choose themed local experiences you wouldn't find elswehere.

First Dates

After a few back and forth messages on Bumble, it’s time to plan a date. No pressure! But actually it's a lot of pressure.

Vibes takes the pressure off when it comes to planning a date by providing a range of great experiences in your neighborhood.

Friend visiting

It's great when an out of town friend visits, but it's also a lot of work to enterain them. Preparing a full weekend itinerary is a too much and completely winging it is not enough.

Vibes provide mini-adventures to help you plan blocks of the day.

TV and Movies

Netflix and don't chill. Have you been binging Tiger King on Netflix? Or Nailed it baking show? Time to get out of the house and keep the good times rolling.

Extend the experience IRL with places that maintain the Vibe from the show, like going to the Zoo to see Tigers or finding a great bake shope nearby.


Yea we can't go anywhere and that sucks. What do you want to do tonight? Idk, what do you want to do? Idk....

Vibes transform a simple stay at home night into an evening worth sharing by creating themed things to do eat, and make yourself.

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I'm Jasper 👋

I believe VIBES is the first step in a recommendation engine that knows what you like and smartly suggests new Vibes to try. If you're intersted in this idea, let's chat.